Welcome to Great Catch Management, Inc.

About Us

Great Catch Management, Inc. is located on Bainbridge Island Washington just a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle. You can find us here.

Great Catch Management is owned and operated by local businessman John Eisenhauer. The company was founded the end of August 2005 after Mr. Eisenhauer sold Mercury Online Solutions, a digital signage software company, to 3M Corporation.

Currently Great Catch Management is involved in Corporate & Leisure Travel, Web Application Development, Green Technology, Facilities Management, Commercial Development.

If you desire a meeting with us, please contact Deb Madsen to schedule an appointment.

Travel Companies

Great Catch Management first entered the travel space in early 2006 with the launch of Local Escapes. - the premier inbound "travel experience" operator for the Pacific Northwest. In the spring of 2007 Great Catch Management aquired The Travel Exchange - a corporate and leisure travel company established in 1976. Now we are excited to announce the newest addition to our travel family, Bainbridge Travel. The one place to fulfill all of your travel needs by experienced travel experts. The Travel Exchange and Bainbridge Travel will work together to offer a comprehensive suite of services for all corporate, business and leisure travel needs.

Visit Bainbridge Travel and work with our Travel Specialists, trusted travel experts since 1976.

Visit The Travel Exchange for all of your corporate travel needs.

Visit Local Escapes, for unique travel experiences in one of the most scenice regions in the nation, the Pacific Northwest.

Software Development

We're launching a new, Seattle-based company providing a fresh approach for connecting the newest generation of location-aware devices to Web 2.0 services. Learn more about Kombi.

Being Green

At Great Catch Management we hope that Green is not just a trend but a permanent approach to life and action on our amazing planet. We are currently developing new technology in the renewalable energy arena.

Developing new technology can be a long process. We want to make a difference right now! We are achieving that by working Green - streamlining business processes, minimizing waste and making our facilities’ energy footprints ever smaller using what is available to us today.

Facility Management & Commercial Development

Great Catch Management currently manages the offices of The Travel Exchange, Bainbridge Travel and Local Escapes.

On June 13, 2008 John Eisenhauer became the major stockholder in the Bainbridge Island Pavilion and Great Catch Management has taken over facility management for the property.

New commercial development efforts begin in 2009. Please contact Deb Madsen for more information.